Under the Covers: Resolutions

Happy New Year! Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to 2013! The turning of the year is a time for new perspectives and new resolutions. So what’s yours? Will 2013 be the year you learn a new language? Is it time for you to read more, practice the piano, or hit that million-dollar sales goal? Are you going to spend more time with family? Maybe you’re resolving to spend more time at the gym. You have so many options, but here is one you should really consider: why not make 2013 the year you become a published author?

Hey, I heard that! We’re not even two weeks into the year; this is not the time for doubts! All you need to succeed is motivation to spend the time and energy. That’s what resolutions are all about. So here you go: three big reasons you should publish this year.

You have a voice!

Your voice is unique and powerful. Remember the scene in The King’s Speech when Lionel helps King George VI (Bertie) realize that he has to respect himself, that he has a right to be heard? Just like him, you have a voice—that message or idea that people need to hear—and it deserves to be heard. Remember: you are an expert, whether you feel like it or not. You have knowledge, skills, and talents that most people don’t, and many of those people want to know what you know, how you do what you do.

You gain increased credibility.

Even in this age of Wikipedia and video tutorials, we still say, “So-and-so wrote the book” to irrefutably demonstrate someone’s authority. The title Author garners respect and trust. People know that it isn’t easy to get published—if your name is on a book, they feel you must know what you’re talking about. And when people trust you, they listen to you, work with you, and buy from you.

Your audience will grow.

People are always looking to learn, and you have something to teach. As people discover the expertise you’ve recorded in your book, you will see doors opening for you. Most of our authors find that their books create opportunities for speaking engagements, guest blogging, and other media attention. Yes, capitalizing on these opportunities requires lots of work beyond the book, but the book will be the catalyst.

So maybe publishing a book won’t help you learn a new language (although it’s been said that the best way to learn is to teach, so who knows?) or tone those six-pack abs, but it could help you hit and surpass that million-dollar sales goal. So what are you waiting for? You only have 50 weeks left!

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